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The HAMM businesses began as a small pecan wholesaling outfit in Central Baldwin County, Alabama, in the late 1940s.  Quitman and Mary Bell Hamm and their children sold pecans all over the southeastern and midwestern United States.  They typically worked twenty hour days, seven days a week during pecan season.


Mr. Hamm began acquiring land in and around Baldwin County with money from his pecan business.  He purchased his first piece of investment land around 1970.  Today, Hamm owns, rents, sells and develops many types of land, property and homes in Southern Alabama.


Hamm has provided hundreds of customers with property and homes of their own.  Hamm's office is conveniently located in Robertsdale on Highway 59 - right in the center of Baldwin County!  If you are looking for property or a home, whether to rent or purchase, don't wait...CALL US TODAY!


Hamm is also proud supporters of the Central Baldwin County Chamber of Commerce, the Washington County Economic Development Alliance, the Eastern Shore Aquatics Center, the Central Baldwin Girls Softball League, Robertsdale High School Basketball, Football and Cheerleading, and Foley High School Volleyball. 

Rent vs. Owner Financing Basics

The decision to rent or owner-finance a property can be a daunting one.  There are pros and cons to both.  Below are a few items to consider when trying to choose which option best fits your needs.




Renting a property or a home is often a quick, short-term solution to housing needs.  Usually the owner of the property pays for most significant repairs and maintenance (although you should always check your contract!).  Rental contracts are almost always shorter than owner-financed at 1 to 5 years.  No downpayment is required although there is usually a security deposit and possible pet fees.  You generally do not build any equity or ownership interest in a rental.  Instead, at the end of the rental period the owner takes back possession of the property.  Think of renting like leasing a car - at the end of the lease you return the car and the lease is over. The same is true for a rental.


Owner-financing is when the owner of the property finances the sale of the property to you.  Instead of paying a bank or a mortgage company, you make payments to the owner on an agreed upon schedule.  At the end of the finance period (usually 10 to 30 years), you own the property.  Owner-financing is often seen as a good alternative to renting because during the finance period you build equity in the property.  Equity means that the amount that you owe is less than the value of the property.  Owner-financing usually requires a downpayment, but this downpayment also builds equity.  Owner-financed properties usually have more relaxed credit requirements than a bank or mortgage company.  Also, the monthly payments are typically lower than renting a similar property.  The purchaser (you) are responsible for all repairs and maintenance after closing.

Whatever your needs, Hamm Enterprises can help you find the right fit! Call, email or stop by today!

Call us!    251-947-4102

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