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Hamm offers Property Management Services in the Baldwin County Alabama area!  Hamm has been managing its own property for many years, so we are intimately familiar with issues facing landlords because we are landlords ourselves!

Please visit our home page, call us, email us, or submit a request for more information on our headache-free Baldwin County Property Management Services.

PROPERTY MANAGEMENT FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)


  1. How often do you check on the property or perform walk throughs?


We can do this as often as the owner would like, but typically we see the property 2-4 times per year when the tenants call us for any repair, issue, or if we go to change air filters.  We make sure that we visually inspect the entire property every time that we are there. We can also schedule additional times to inspect the property.


  2.  How do you screen tenants?

We require a completed application for every adult tenant over 18 years old. Using the application, we perform a credit check, public records search for judgments, evictions, and bankruptcies, and a criminal background check.  We can also do employment verification, reference checks and income confirmation. Qualification requirements vary depending on the owner's preference.


​  3.  Do you handle the lease / rental agreement?

Yes.  We meet with the approved tenant(s) and require a signed, witnessed lease prior to move-in.


  4.  Who keeps the tenant’s security deposit?

We can hold the security deposit in escrow or the owner can hold it.  If the owner holds it, any repairs after the tenant moves out will need to be paid by the owner from the security deposit and an itemized statement of the repairs is supposed to be furnished to the former tenant.  


  5. How are late rents handled?

We typically charge either 10% of the rent or $5 per day as a late fee, but the owner can set any late fee they like.  When we collect the late fee, we forward it to the owner (less any fee). 


  6.  What are the tenant's consequences for breaking the lease?

A broken lease will usually automatically forfeit the security deposit.  If there is excessive damage, the tenant would be responsible for that as well. 


  7. Who does the tenant call with questions?

The tenant would call us with any questions. The tenant is given a 24-hour maintenance phone number as well.  Every owner is different; some want to be made aware of every tenant communication, which we gladly do, while some only want to be contacted if it is a major issue.  That is why we request a completed Owner Information Sheet so we can serve you better based on your preferences.

  8.  Will you keep me informed about events at my property?

Absolutely!  We have phone, fax, email, text messaging etc. and our office is open Monday through Friday.  We can handle repairs and incidents after hours and on weekends.  

  9. Where are you located?

Our office is in Robertsdale, Alabama and is within a 30 to 45 minute drive to any location in Baldwin County.

  10.  Can I ask questions before choosing your services?

Certainly! Feel free to contact us by phone (251-947-4102), email (on contact page) or submit a question through our website.  We want you to be comfortable knowing that your rental property is in good hands.

  11.  What if I already have a tenant?

We can manage your property even if a tenant is already in place.  This is also useful if you expect the tenant to move out at some point.

  12.  What types of properties do you manage?

We manage all types of residential and commercial properties.  Our clients live all over the United States from right here in Alabama all the way to California.  

Call us!    251-947-4102

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